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These surveys below are now closed

Thank you for your feedback

Call for sites Portesham re-run


Please click on this link to online survey

Survey re run link

Survey re run

Survey re run for download and printing

Chesil Bank Site Options and Assessment DRAFT Supplementary report

Supplementary report following updated site data

Call for sites form

Call for sites application form- redacted

Portesham Site map

Portesham Site map

Chesil Bank Site Options and Assessment Original report

First AECOM site assessment report Portesham site on pages 58 to 65

Portesham Circular

Letter to Portesham residents

QR Code for Survey re run

Business Survey

The business survey has now closed thankyou for your comments

Options consultations

Thank you to all of the responses we have received following the recent Options Consultations

The NPSG held Options consultations events in all 4 parishes, they were open to all residents of the Chesil Bank Parishes.


Consultation Documents and Questionnaire

Options Consultation Supporting Reports and Documents to help complete the questionnaires.

AECOM Call For Sites Report

This Report was produced by AECOM who was assigned by the NPSG to carry this out

Contents page – Call for Sites Report
Planning Acronyms
AECOM Design Codes Report

This report was produced by AECOM who was assigned by the NPSG to carry this out.

Pictures taken for this report can be found on the Gallery page

Chesil Bank NP Area

Options Consultation – Site Maps

Options Consultation – Vision, Objectives, Focus, Survey data

Options Consultation Green Spaces & Views

To view our photos of the Green spaces and views go to the gallery

Photos of the displays set up in the various villages

NPSG Options Consultation
Langton Herring Events
NPSG Options ConsultationWelcomeLangton Herring Events
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