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Welcome to Vision 4 Chesil

Our aim is to produce a Neighbourhood Plan

for Chesil Bank Parishes

Chesil Bank comprises the four parishes of Abbotsbury, Fleet, Langton Herring and Portesham, each of which includes the respective villages of those same names.

Abbotsbury parish also includes the outlying hamlets of Elworth, New Barn and Rodden, and Portesham includes Corton, Coryates, Friar Waddon, Shilvinghampton and Waddon.

Link to Dorset Council consultation on the CBNP

Chesil Bank Neighbourhood Plan
Picture From White Hill towards Abbotsbury
Views of Abbotsbury
Lime Kiln Langton Herring
Langton Herring a Doubly Thankful village
Portesham from the air
Langton Herring house
Langton Herring
Fleet at Abbotsbury Swannery
Sun setting over the Fleet
Abbotsbury from the air
Fleet gates
Fleet Gates
Chesil Beach from above
Chesil Beach
Hardy's Monument
Hardyes Monument
Fleet boats
Fleet Shoreline
Boat on The Fleet
St Catherine's Chapel
St Catherine's Chapel
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