Vision 4 Chesil- a Neighbourhood Plan for the Chesil Bank Parishes


The coronavirus outbreak is affecting us all in different ways and it will come as no surprise to you that continuing with our work on the Neighbourhood Plan is not going to be possible. We have therefore taken the decision to suspend Steering Group Meetings and all other activities until further notice. We have just completed the 2nd Survey and we will be uploading the returns to SurveyMonkey before we close down the project. In addition, we still need to submit a funding application to Locality for work during 2020/2021, despite the fact that it will be several months before we can resume work. We will ensure that all documentation associated with the project is up to date in order to facilitate a rapid resumption of work once the time comes. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Stay safe and keep well.

Derek Troughton

On behalf of the CB Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group