Highways Safety

As part of our work on the Neighbourhood Plan, we are taking a look at local road safety concerns. Including known incidences is not a problem since these are recorded and can be easily accessed on the internet. We are interested in identifying other areas and issues which might suggest that there are potential road safety concerns. For example, there is a potential hazard in a westerly direction on the B3157 at the bus stop near the Victoria Inn. If you have ever been behind a bus waiting at that bus stop, then you will know it is almost impossible to pull out and overtake safely because of the left hand bend shortly after the Inn. You might be aware of similar hazards.

If you have such concerns, not just in your village, but across the Chesil Bank Parish, then please email Derek Troughton on derek.troughton@vision4chesil.org or call him on 07802 204771.

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