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Newsletter No 7

Please see Newsletter No 7



Newsletter No 7 – October 2020


  1. Survey No 3


Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the most recent survey. We are very encouraged by the fact that so many of you completed it and made some valuable input. If you have not had the opportunity to complete the survey so far, then it will remain open online for another few days. If you want to complete a paper copy, then please contact your local Village Representative.


All the returns are being uploaded to SurveyMonkey and once we have completed that exercise, we will be able to analyse the results. We will let you have feedback as soon as we have completed the analysis, probably during December.


  1. Young People’s Survey


As you aware we are extremely interested in hearing from Younger people in the Parish and we published a survey for them to complete online. Unfortunately, we were disappointed that we did not receive more responses, but thank you to those who did respond. Again, the survey will remain open for a few more days if those of you who have children can encourage them to respond.


  1. Pre-Consultation Event for the Community


We had been planning a number of events during November, but recent rulings by the Government on COVID-19 restrictions, have obviously rendered such events impossible. In addition, we have received a number of returns on the recent “Call for Sites” exercise and these have to be assessed by a 3rd Party contracted by Locality. We have been advised that this is unlikely to take place in the immediate future and until that is completed then there is no point in holding the pre-consultation events. Consequently, these events will not take place until January or February 2021 at the earliest.


If the current COVID-19 restrictions are still in force at that time, then face to face events will not be possible. Instead, we are looking at other options such as On-Line Consultations making use of Webinar facilities and/or Zoom. However, we are mindful that not everyone will be able to access this form of technology and we will find other ways of communicating with anyone who has such difficulties.


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